Saturday, April 4, 2009

Book, charity and life

I'm a customer support engineer that supporting Cisco Unified Communication products.

I built this blog and wrote the book "Deploying Cisco Unified Prsence" with the intention of helping my customers (and my employer). The book was priced very cheap (39.99). After deducting the manufaturer and distribution cost, the revenue I received from retailers is $5.16 for each copy sold (it'll be higher if it was sold from the publisher's website).

For some reasons, my motive was questioned. (Sorry I can't disclose more details. But it makes me feel really bad.)

Thus I make an announcement here (and, that all (100%) revenue from this book will go to "American Red Cross International Relief Fund".

I'll try my best to answer any technical questions you have. I'll be hosting a "Ask the Expert" session on Cisco NetPro Forum in June 2009 (on CUPS/CUPC products).

God bless America. God bless you!

Donation receipts for Q1 2009: