Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Test mobility feature without PSTN

The core of the mobility feature is "Remote Destination". Per SRND,

"Remote destinations must be Time Division Multiplex (TDM) devices or off-system IP phones on other clusters or systems. You cannot configure IP phones within the same Unified CM cluster as remote destinations. "
So if you'd like to test mobility feature without involving PSTN gateways, you may build another CUCM cluster (with VMWare, it should be just another VM). Then you may create ICT (Inter-Cluster Trunk) between two clusters. You may use the IP phones on another clusters as "Remote Destination". With this setup, you may test the following features:

1) Mobile Connect (SNR)
2) Enterprise Feature Access (EFA)

You won't be able to test the following feature:

MVA (Mobile Voice Access), because it requires IVR function of the voice gateway.

If you have a voice gateway but does not have T1/PRI, you may use CME to simulate PSTN phones.