Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy birthday, CUPC 8!

Two months after CUPS 8 was released, Cisco finally releases the next generation of communication client - Cisco Unified Personal Communicator 8.

With XMPP, now CUPC can do:

  • Group Chat
  • Persistent Chat Room
  • Chat History
  • Message Archiving and Auditing
  • Federation with external IM systems (like GoogleTalk, Sametime, Webex, OCS)
  • Integrated HD Video with soft phone or hard phone

Happy Birthday! :)


  1. Craig L. PollittJuly 1, 2010 at 9:44 PM

    I'm trying not to rain on your parade, but CUPS/CUPC still has issues with-
    -Group Chat with XMPP federated clients. Other than that, works well with others in the same cluster.
    -HD video works well when tethered off an instrument that is configured to the same speed as the switch port. If not, you will have degradation of video quality as well as reported network speeds...this is a result of a mismatch between the configured speed at the switch, the negotiated speeds at the phone instrument, and the PC NIC; if there is a mismatch among them then there are problems, if not then all is fine.

    FYI- This is to be resolved in an upcoming phone firmware release.

    Hope you are having fun in LV! IL is mostly boring.

  2. When will the the Mac client be out?

    Thanks, Jeff

  3. Mac version will be by the end of this year.

  4. How about version for linux ?

  5. Hi Mike - are you able to point an 8.0 client to a 7.0 server?

  6. No you cannot. But you can do the other way around - point CUPC 7.1.1 to CUPS 8.0

  7. Hi Michael, is it a possibility to buy your new book with some savings? , we have bought your previous book about CUPS ( in feb. ) and now after a few months there is a new version. I really liked the previous one so I suppose that one is also worth to buy. Can you please advise ? Greetings. Marcin

  8. Amazon should have a lower price. But they not necessarily have the updated version.

  9. Will 8.0 support a citrix environment? Zen App or Zen Desktop? Thanks.

  10. Michael- thanks for the confirm on the 8.0 supporting citrix. Do you know where I can find documents, annoucements, or articles with more details about this?

  11. How about a bulk import features for CUPC v8? I would like to pull in my Outlook Contacts into my CUPC. Seems like Cisco has had this on the books and in 6, I think, they added external contacts but you have to add them one at a time.