Tuesday, May 26, 2009

UC Appliance Command Line - Part 2

Part 2 - Start, Stop, Restart

utils service list
This command will list all services on an appliance. It's usually used with the parameter 'page', so it'll pause at each page.

utils service stop
utils service start
utils service restart
These commands are used to stop/start/restart services. For example, if you'd like to restart "Cisco Tomcat" service, you type "utils service restart Cisco Tomcat".
utils system shutdown
utils system restart
These commands are used to shutdown or restart the system.
utils system switch-version
This command is used to switch software version (if you have two versions installed). For your information, Cisco Unified Appliance will keep two versions of software on hard drive - one in the root partition, the other one in "PartB" partition. This provides you an option to fall back to an old version.

To see the versions installed, use the commands below:
show version active
show version inactive
Every time you run "utils system switch-version", it'll make the active partition inactive and make the inactive partition active.

Please note that each partition (version) has it's own database, which means they don't share the same database (configuration). If you switched version, you might lose any changes you made in the other version.


  1. Hi i have te complete uc7.0 suite and i set up ccm and cups all sims to work fine but cupc softphone does not log to the ccm server any tips

  2. tnks was a dns problem

  3. Hi Luo, I am facing the network related issue inside OS. The system is not taking the IP address for any unfortunate issue, I'm using CUCM 5.1.2. It was upgraded from 5.0.4 so the inactive partition still contains the old CUCM configurations. Using 'utils system switch-version' can help me to fix this OS related issue?

    Mijanur Rahman
    CCIE# 27424 (Voice)