Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Client Convergence

In the "Unified Communication" world, you might have many different client software installed on your computer -

  • Click-to-Call for making calls easy
  • IP Communicator to be a soft phone
  • Video Advantage to be a "video add-on"
  • Personal Communicator to be an IM and presence client
It's kind of "un-unified" with so many different things. Fortunately, your voice was heard. In the future, you might have a truly "unified" client, which does everything with one piece.


  1. would love to see the ip communicator have "slide outs" to include video and cupc embedded.

    similar to eyebeam sip client, that the video and buddy lists pull out or can be hidden.

    I'm hoping for the one client does all....

  2. "One client to rule them all, and in their SIP-ness bind them"?