Friday, March 26, 2010

Place to ask questions

It's that time again - "Ask the Expert" event on Cisco NetPro forum.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask there.

This time we'll focus on the next version of CUPS and CUPC, with new technology XMPP and CSF.

You may post your question at

I'll update my book "Deploying Cisco Unified Presence" to version 8.x in couple weeks.


  1. Hi

    I am currently involved in a project to integrate CUCM 6.1 to Microsoft AD. I want to test this in a lab first and I tried to install CUCM 6.1 on a Cisco MCS 7835 yesterday and was unsuccessful because the server has no bootable DVD drive. I have managed to build another server which is a DELL PowerEdge 2850 and am hoping to install CUCM on there. I think I will probably get an error saying that the hardware is not supported and the install is cancelled.

    My question is if I install VMware first on the Dell, install CUCM on this and then take a back up of the our live Call Manager and install this in the CUCM on VMware in the lab. Would this work?

    Best Regards

    Jay Ramaiya

    ICT VoIP Analyst
    North East Lincolnshire Council
    Civic Offices
    Knoll Street
    DN35 8LN

  2. Yes, it should work if it's on the same VMware edition/version.