Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Database Access

Many UC appliances (like CUCM, CUPS, etc.) use database to store configuration.  For security and supportability reason, the regular CLI provides limited access to database.  However, if you could get root access to the box, you would have full access.

su - informix

Change user role to 'informix' which is a built in Linux user to access the Informix database.

dbaccess $(dblutil -c) -

dbaccess is a SQL client to access Informix database.  'dblutil' is a DB role.

select * from licenseinfo

A standard SQL command to view all records in 'licenseinfo' table.

  • Press Ctrl-D to execute SQL commands
  • Press Ctrl-C to exit
  • On some terminals, you may have to press Delete to Backspace
If you want to know the relationship between different database tables, refer to "Data Dictionary" on CCO Docs.

To list all tables:
select tabname from systables where tabid > 99 and tabtype = "T"

Grab a some books like "SQL for Dummies" and test in your lab.

I wondered what does this do?  ;)


  1. Any chance you've taken a look into the UCCX schema? I'm trying to prevent my demo lab license from expiring and can't seem to find the right fields to modify.

  2. This is great information. How do you read the Unity Connection license info? licenseinfo is empty for the Unity Connection licenseinfo table.

  3. It would be great if the demo lab license will be set to not expire. Can't figure it out in the db.

  4. What demo lab license? CUCM never expires.

  5. On CUCM8.6 I have: "License Warnings: System is operating on demo licenses. Please upload the relevant license files." Even tho the message is there I can still use the system to do my lab tests? and also to obtain the CCNA Wireless do I need to purchase the ISR with the NM-CUE-EC or is CUCM in vmware environment equivalent?
    Many Thanks !

  6. Hello
    When I type "select * from licenseinfo" in Unity Connection 8.6.2 I get "No rows found"

    Is it located elsewhere?

  7. Thank you very much my friend.
    You are a great person, and this blog is my Home page now! ;-)
    Only in this way to have some kind of 'real-worlds' lab... INFORMIX works like a paradise of CTI integration with cucm. now i have a lot of work to think to do! hahahaha

    Tks again.

  8. I'm somewhat confused, is there a way to modify the Demo License for Presence? I see the procedure for UCCX, does the same apply to CUPS?

  9. Nice.. after a night of researching I was able to "update" informix database on CUCM 8.6.2 for number of nodes and to NOT show that DEMO warning on login screen..

    Thanks for tips Michael..

    P.S.: I can write some tutorial for guys here who want to learn more about this software :)

  10. Can anyone please help me to get this working for unity connection v9. CCM works fine!!
    Buty unity connection find the Db and column run:

    update licenseserver set graceleftdays="500" where graceleftdays="60"

    I get 0 rows updated can anyone help want to get lab all setup and running without worrying about licences???